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Rating of dairy Belarus companies: TOP-20 players' sales grew by 12% and exceeded $3.5 million

Belarus dairy holdings continue to actively increase their value of production. The total sales of the TOP-20 largest players grew by 12% and exceeded $3.5 million in 2021. Such data appear in the ranking of Belarusian dairy companies by Streda Consulting, Soyuzmoloko and Milknews. All ratings - on the site top.milknews.ru

As analysts note, last year was much more calm and successful for Belarus dairy industry - all companies significantly increased profits by 10-20%. The Savushkin Product holding with a revenue of $856 million saves the first place in the Rating, the Slutsk Cheese Factory with an estimate of $364 million and Babushkina Krynka with a revenue of ​$276 million are the second and third places. “Molochnyy mir” and Lida Milk Factory also remained in the top five.

Despite the fact that there were no cardinal changes in the rating, it includes now private and non-public companies - Danone, Lactalis, Food Union, Dairy Hotel, Kalinkovichsky MK and others.

“The alignment of forces and positions of the players is influenced by the serious influence of the second wave of the last three years in the elections of mergers and acquisitions, which will once again significantly reduce the number of players in the market,” Alexey Gruzdev, CEO of Streda Consulting, selects. “If in the early 2000s there were more than 100 factories in Belarus, by 2018 they had already been merged into 42 large holdings, as of 2022 there are only 32 companies on the sustainability market.”

The Republic of Belarus is an important partner of Russia in the dairy market. “Russian and Belarusian companies report more than 100% self-sufficiency in the milk and dairy products market,” says Soyuzmoloko CEO Artem Belov. “At the same time, Belarusian dairy products receive a high share on Russian market – their share in consumption in Russia is from 15 to 17%.”

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